Sunday, November 30, 2008

DAY 5 = too hot to be winter

slept in again this morning but finally got up due to fridas moaning! we walked to get coffe then to san pedro square to check out a wine bar for b-go's monday night happyhour. looks nice? we stopped by circle -A to get some shoes for frida but they didnt have her size?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 4 = switch guadalupe

it was such a beautiful morning so we slept in a bit then frida & i walked b-go to the gym. i got some coffee then frida & i walked around downtown for an hour untill she was done. fridas highlights were playing in the leaves with her mom & seeing peter raffin.

Friday, November 28, 2008

DAY 3 = a 2 dog day

we were still in los gatos again this morning staying at b-go's bosses house so i took Frida & the dog we were sitting for named Odie out for a walk around the block. not much to see around here? its time to get back to downtown.

day 2 = no walk?

yesterday was thanksgiving & since blanche was watching her bosses house in los gatos frida didnt get a walk? its ok with frida though because the yard there is huge with lots of squirrel on the lose! this photo was taken on a rainy day bike ride to OSH the other day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DAY 1= his name is DJ Quick

it was a nice walk this morning with the frida dogger! we left the house around 8 & it was raining but not too much so our walk was an extended one along the guadelupe trail past the childerns dcrovery museum & all the to the end of the trail. im glad we walked that way because i saw an old friend of mine DJ Quick! he used to hang out with some friends of mine back when i first moved downtown. i dont think he is even a DJ? i think they used to call him that because he was a bit low? he has been out on the streets for afew years now & lately i see him every other day because he stays along the creek where frida & i walk everyday. i always look forword to seeing him because he is a cool guy & he always dose or says something funny! he is drunk alot but he's not a bummed bum he is drunk most of the time! i gave him my change to get a morning beer!

we walk the street inserch of whats right infront of us..

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